General registration information

To register for the meeting please read the following information about registration, accommodation and food, abstract submission, and payment for the conference. Please note that from now on abstracts will only be considered for poster presentations. To register, please read the information below and then follow the link provided at the foot of this page.

Payment for the conference will be made using credit or debit card via a secure website, a link to which is provided at the foot of this page. The first step in this process is registering with the University Online Store facility which is handling the registration and payment process. During the registration process you will be asked a variety of questions about your requirements for the meeting. You will also be asked to provide registration and payment details.

At the point of payment you will be asked for your billing address - please note that this address must be the same as that used by the issuer credit or debit card.

Conference Packages

During registration you will be asked to choose one of the following four conference package options. Please go to the Venue page for more information about the student-style accommodation offered at Jesus College.

 A. Registration

There are three registration packages to choose from, regular attendee (£150), student (£50), and invited speaker.

B. Accommodation and food

1. Full Package Attendee (single room)

Cost: £650 (plus registration)

This package includes accommodation in a single room with ensuite or semi-ensuite (sharing shower room with one other), all meals, the banquet and the excursion on Wednesday. This package includes the option to add a guest.

2. Full Package Attendee (student-style rooms)

Cost: £550 (plus registration)

This package includes accommodation in student accommodation in a single room with shared shower or shower room (or shared bathroom), meals, the banquet and the excursion on Wednesday. This package includes the option to add a guest.

3. Optional Meals

Cost: Depends on meals chosen (plus registration).

This package includes the excursion on Thursday only. Meals and the banquet can be added as required at extra cost.

To register and pay for the meeting, please follow the link REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT