MOLEC 2012


Full Programme

The full programme for the meeting can now be downloaded here.

The book of abstracts is also available for download here.

Follow this link for the list of participants.

Registration will take place adjacent to the porter's lodge in Jesus College, Turl Street, from Sunday at 2.00 pm, where you will be able to pick up your welcome pack and, if necessary, your room key. From 3-30 pm on Sunday you will be able to pick up your welcome pack in the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, where tea will be served before the start of the meeting.

Those arriving late for the conference, and staying in College accommodation, should go first to the porter's lodge of Jesus College to pick up their room key. They can then obtain their welcome pack during the meeting in the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory.

Outline Programme

Session topics

The European Conference on Dynamics of Molecular Systems focuses on the different aspects of atomic and molecular interactions, with emphasis on both experimental and theoretical studies of the dynamics of elastic, inelastic and reactive encounters between atoms, molecules, ions, clusters and surfaces. The meeting deals in particular with:

  • Molecular collisions in different environments (plasmas, atmospheric/interstellar/combustion processes, gas-surface processes, biologically relevant systems, etc.)
  • Electronic structure calculations, potential energy surfaces, and fundamental problems on molecular dynamics
  • Photon-matter interactions: spectroscopy, photodissociation and photo-induced reactions including femtosecond dynamics.
  • Interaction between ultra-cold molecules and atoms, processes in He droplets.
  • Steric effects and vector correlations in reactive processes and in photodissociation.

The Conference format will include invited lectures and hot topics, as well as poster sessions. The participation of young researchers and students is particularly welcome. Some posters will be promoted to oral presentations upon recommendation of the International Scientific Committee.

Scientific sessions will include a selection of the following provisional list of topics:

  • chemical reaction dynamics
  • inelastic scattering
  • clusters
  • condensed phases
  • molecular photodissociation
  • photon-matter interactions
  • biomolecules
  • new horizons
  • femtochemistry
  • cold collisions